We love vintage and retro.

If you’re looking for a tinkle of nostalgia, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve scoured the South for all the things you need but haven’t been able to find, from rare 80s camera parts to garments giving life back to treasured local haunts.

We find the things you can’t.

Over the years we have developed a talent for finding items that are not only on trend, but will be the next big thing in various collectable markets.

We were one of the first in the area to start commercially sourcing and producing the shabby chic style, but then we refined it, made it our own and most importantly, we made it affordable. These days we still have a heavy leaning towards all aspects of interior design, but we’ve also branched out into more personal items. Items you can take with you and enjoy home or away.

Desperate to reclaim your favourite Nintendo game? Want to capture one last holiday on your 80s Minolta? Take a look at our full range of vintage items.

Wear local.

What is supporting local? Its not just wearing the logo. It’s celebrating the area.

We have spent years building an apparel brand from the ground up. We of course sell items with our branding, which humbles us when people purchase an item and show that level of support. But we have also worked hard to accurately reproduce period artwork of many nearly forgotten landmarks, clubs and bars. In the early days our first site had the very cheesy “We deal in memories” strap line. But we do!

Maybe you met your future partner in Joannas, Ritzy or the Registry in Portsmouth. Perhaps you bought your first LP in Domino Records. Or do you remember the freezing cold days walking round the market within the mighty Tricorn Centre? Visit our shop and check out the range.

T-shirts shown: Southsea (visit our shop for the full range); Portsmouth behemoth the Tricorn Centre; Domino Records.

Who we are, and why we care.

Its difficult to pin down where it all started... Essentially it was two lads who bought and sold a few bits at carboot sales. This grew and grew until Clive made the leap to go full time… And Hillfield Trading was born.

Many lock-ups, garages and storage units later, we took over SHOP Southsea on Castle Rd. It was a hive of activity, with over 50 small, local independents crammed into a tumble down shop on a backstreet. We built a family and gave many businesses their first break.

Fast-forward to 2018 and the future of Hillfield was born.

Supporting 50 businesses, a bricks and mortar store and then new born twins was tough. We could also see that the future of the trade was online. So a decision was made and the business was moved totally online.

Ultimately being remote means we can really have some fun doing what we love – spending more time rummaging so you don’t have to. And it also means we now sell globally on many platforms. Why do we care? Because we are a family business. We are normal people. And we are proud of what we do.