Coming out of hibernation

As Hillfield emerges from 3 years of semi hibernation, I popped down to the Castle Road and Hot Walls markets over the weekend. Took in the round tower excellence brought to us all by the Traders Keep guys and even had some hot booze.

It’s been a strange three years. I let go of the thing that the whole business was driven towards. A quirky little shop in a quirky little road. Thankfully, there is still all the love that there always was in Castle Rd as the day we closed the shop. Some of our beautiful traders have moved onto bigger and better things. Fours and Eights is the perfect example. What an amazing arch they have down there at the Hot Walls.

So why are we emerging from semi hibernation? Well I had to make the super hard decision to let the shop go and go online only, partly as thats the way the business was going and partly because we had twins. Stay at home dad, work at home dad. Its been tough. Really really tough… But they are off to nursery next month which means I get some time back.

The business and our beautiful customers have done exactly what we hoped for. To tick over and let me do all the house husband, stay at home stuff that allowed us to shape our kids through a global pandemic, wanting chicken nuggs and cake over anything healthy, walking, talking and using the potty.

In a way, it’s the thing that we always promoted without fully understanding it. Small independent businesses don’t close at 5pm. That’s when they start. We are tired, we are in clothes that are dirty, we know the reason why Pando doesn’t wear trousers. (we have no idea where the parents are, though). We always have a bottle of wine in the cupboard..

Anyway. Going into next year we are going to hit back into it, just like the old days. Social projects, broad range stock options, art, sponsorship and all the other fun stuff. Our base is Fratton these days so we are hoping to help bring some of the knowledge and contacts we built up over the years over the tracks and do our bit for this amazing area.

I guess the point we are trying to make is, we are eternally thankful for you sticking with us. Thank you for supporting us, and thank you for being bloody awesome.

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