Be kind. Rewind.

Maybe is a comfort thing, reminds us of being kids. Maybe It’s because some of us don’t want or trust things floating around in the wibbly wobbly cloud. Physical media is coming back in a big way. As we all know, it started with vinyl and then cassette tapes. VHS is next up and we at Hillfield could not be happier!

It’s nearly 15 years ago, the last mainstream movie was released on VHS. A History of Violence was a watershed moment. End of VHS, the start of Blu-ray Vs DVD and now 1’s and 0’s.

VHS tapes are a window into our past. The crackle, the fuzz, the picture going weird at the moment its been paused a hundred times at some specific point in a film with Sharon Stone.

We never really stopped selling VHS, but recently we have been overwhelmed with the size and speed the community is growing. People that don’t want to see every pimple. People that can untangle a mass of black spaghetti. People that enjoy the clunk of loading media and having to rewind the tape because they forgot to do it after watching the movie the last time.

To help us be more organised with our stock, we have made a dedicated section of our store where you can buy back some VHS memories. Current stock level is around 400 titles, but we have more to add. Take a look, and if you are interested in getting back into it we can direct you to a local guy who sells refurbished and tested players.

Sean Benesh

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